Photo Gallery

AM San Francisco band at MarineWorld, then in Redwood City, with Rex Bell (guitar), Jim Chanteloup (drums) and Bill Amatneek (bass).

My first band--onboard the cruise ship Sun Princess, mid-'70's with Seth Evans (bass) and Steve Glaizer (drums)

With the incomparable Dame Edna, 1999 at Theatre on the Square, San Francisco

On the set of "SFO with Steve Jamison," KRON-TV, 1980-81, with Dom DeLuise

On the calliope, leading off the Giants Victory Parade down Market Street, 2012.  Biggest crowd I ever played for!

My first band, The Raiders, with Benjie Rothstein (guitar), Nicky Bachrach (drums) and Alan Fuller (guitar).  No bass!

February 15, 1998, Shanghai 1930 restaurant.  Stevie and I played 2 or 3 songs together.  My stock definitely rose among the staff.

Another shot of Stevie Wonder and me!

Original Hoagy cast, 1987 at Zephyr Theatre, San Francsico, with Marc Capobianco (trumpet), Baomi Butts-Bhanji (vocals), Mark Shannon (sax) and John Hettel (bass).

The Oso Family, the band that got me to California in 1973.  On steps L to R:  Whitney Eisenwinter (pedal steel guitar), me, Penny Hanna (bass, vocals), Marty Obin (guitar, vocals).  On roof:  Slim Heilpern (guitar, vocals) and Carl Creeger (drums).  We all met up at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CN.

The SFO Band, 1980-81, KRON-TV, with Kevin Hayes (drums), Rick Felix (bass) and Charlie Keagle (sax).
The photographer wanted a "fun" shot.  Notice how Kevin and Rick look basically the same!